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"I am fortunate to have come from a long line of women who cannot conceive of a vision that does not become reality. The Black woman is a reckoning force not yet reckoned with; when there is a job to be done, we do not hang back--we get it done and done well. So, to the world that watches us and does not understand, let this be known--we sing because we have to. And we fly because we can".

PERFORMANCES (one-woman shows)

Black Diamonds

No Tea for the Fever

Por Innocencio

(Love Me) San Diego Style

(shows in Colorado, Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, South Dakota)


TEDxAFC--"Follow Me On This"

Page to Stage:Women's Words

What If Celebration--Imagination Celebration (Colorado Springs)

The Story Project (Colorado Spring)

San Diego Writers, Ink.

So Say We All

Trinidad State Junior College

Otero Junior College

Steamboat Springs Arts Council (residency)

Smith College (Massachusetts)

University of California (Fullerton)

Green Mountain Falls Children's Ark (Colorado)

San Avelino Youth Guild (San Luis, Colorado)

School/Community Residencies

Centennial School ( San Luis, Colorado)

Hillside Community Center (Colorado Springs)

Community Prep (Colorado Springs)

Bijou Alternative (Colorado Springs)

Garden Park High (Canon City, Colorado)

Canon City High (Canon City, Colorado)

Mountain View Core Knowledge (Canon City, Colorado)

Green Mountain Falls Children's Ark (Colorado)

Pine Ridge High School (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota)

Scholars to Leaders Academy (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

O'Farrell Community School (San Diego, California)

Antonito Junior/Senior High School (Antonito, Colorado)

Pine Ridge Elementary School, (Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota)

Crawford High School (San Diego)

VIDA Middle School (Vista, California)


Black Diamonds The Madonna of Nevada Avenue(CD)

Obsidian Ice Por Innocencio (CD)

Blues in the First Position A Woman Beside the Sun(CD)

Woman 724365 So Many Angels(CD)

Nefertiri's Kiss (Love Me) San Diego Style

Por Innocencio Melange

Selected Poems from FOLLOW ME ON THIS





for every sister who played with fire (and got burned)-University of Northern Colorado

Fannie's Girls: A 4-1-1 in 5-Part Attitude-Denver Industrial Theater (2000 Colorado Women's Playwriting Festival winner)

Singing the Circle:4 Women Creating Themselves--audiotape and theatre performance, Colorado Springs


Colorado North Review

Gazette Telegraph

UNC Mirror

Black Voices News (Colorado and California)

Journeys Magazine

Mr. Larry's Angels -ArtWorx/Hillside Community Center (editor)

Transformations -ArtWorx/Community Prep (editor)

Luminol-ArtWorx/Bijou Alternative (editor)

Behind the Door, Inside the Mirror-ArtWorx Summer Project 2006 (editor)

The Way of Our World-ArtWorx/Community Prep (editor)

My Own Traveler-ArtWorx/Community Prep (editor)

In a Voice Like Singing-Pine Ridge High (editor)

Step to the Next Star--Scholars to Leaders Academy (editor)

Way of the Wild Winds--O'Farrell Community Schools (editor)

My 'Hood--Crawford High School (editor)

Sitting in the Hoop of the People --Pine Ridge Elementary School (editor)

Last Night on Earth--So Say We All Press (contributing author)

To Dance On The Morning-Glass -VIDA Middle School (editor)

Courage is Fire--South Conejos School District (editor)


Featured performer--Studio City Library (Studio City, California)

-Featured performer--San Jose Poetry Slam (virtual)

Featured performer--Voices in the Barrio (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Featured performer--MindWell (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Featured performer--Sacred Grounds (virtual)

Featured performer-Music of the Word (virtual)

Featured performer--Garage Poets Open Mic (virtual)

 The Aperitif Concerts (solo virtual performance, ongoing)

Featured performer FUMFA (virtual performance)

Featured performer Poetry 719 (virtual performance)

Featured performer--Gelato Vero (San Diego)

Featured speaker--Leading with Heart:Global Women's Summit (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Featured performer--Palabra (San Diego)

Featured Poet--Tebot Bach (Huntington Beach, California)

Featured performer--THE PATH (Art Unites, San Diego)

Featured performer--WOKE THEATRE (University of San Diego)

Featured Poet--VERBAL GUMBO (Omaha, Nebraska)

Featured performer--Stop It Now! (University of San Diego)

Featured performer--University of San Diego Black Student Union

Featured performer--Lyrical Exchange (San Diego)

Featured Performer--So Say We All (San Diego)

Performance Coach--So Say We All (San Diego)

Touring artist--Imagination Celebration

Co-founder/Lead Poet/Senior Instructor--Page to Stage:Women's Words

Lead poet/Innovator--DragonsWing Arts Consortium

Artist-in-Residence--Young Audiences, State of Colorado (6 years)

Educational Performances Artist--State of Colorado (4 years)

Performance coach-Thin Air Slam Poetry Team (2 years)

Presenting poet--Boys and Girls Club Regional Meeting

Presenting poet--Groovefest (Norman, Oklahoma)

Lead artist (poetry), editor--ArtWorx/Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration project

Lead poet/project co-ordinator/instructor-"Speak Your Piece" "Bring Your "A" Game" "Don't Just Sing It, Bring It", (slam poetry training and competition co-ordinator)

Designer/instructor/co-ordinator--writing program for City Center of the Arts

Program designer/instructor/co-ordinator--Green Mountain Falls Children's Ark slam poetry project

Lead presenter/co-ordinator (DragonsWing)-Colorado State Library "Institutionalized Youth and Literacy" Conference (Castle Rock, July 07)

Guest presenter--Executive Women International (Christmas meeting--Colorado Springs)

Featured performer--Center for Non-Profit Excellence

Featured performer--COPPER

Featured performer--FutureSelf

Featured performer--Rocky Mountain Storyteller's Festival

Director--"Transformations"--Smokebrush Galleries

"Behind the Door, Inside the Mirror"-Smokebrush Galleries

"My Own Traveler"--Smokebrush Galleries

"Step to the Next Star"--Scholars to Leaders Academy

"Way of the Wild Winds"--O'Farrell Community School

Contributing Poet--Ana Flores "Poetry of the Wild" project


The Aperitif Concerts (solo virtual performances, ongoing)

No Tea for the Fever (ensemble)-Colorado Springs

No Tea for the Fever (solo)-University of California, Fullerton

Black Diamond--ongoing-various points in U.S

Fannie's Girls: A 4-1-1 in 5-Part Attitude--- Denver Industrial Arts Theatre (winner 2000 Colorado Women's Playwriting Festival)

Por Innocencio-Colorado Springs

Fresh, Hot, and Straight Out of the Oven (two woman show with Carmen Lloyd)-Colorado Springs

Melange (enssemble with Saudades)--San Diego

Call of the Sirens (ensemble with Saudades)--San Diego

Shaharazad (ensemble with Saudades)--San Diego

Ceridwyn's Daughter ensemble with Page to Stage)-San Diego

Windsinger (ensemble with Page to Stage)-San Diego

So A Sister Can Sing (ensemble with Page to Stage)-San Diego


Poet Laureate--Imagination Celebration (Colorado Springs) 99-2012

Nominee, Poet Laureate, State of Colorado-2009

Pikes Peak Community Foundation 2007 Grant Recipient-Artistic Merit (Individual)

Winner--2000 Colorado Women's Playwriting Festival


Lead Poet/Innovator  of TESORO

Choir director--San Avelino Youth Guild (San Luis, Colorado) 2005-2007

Apprenticeship/mentoring program

Literary arts program design and co-ordination

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